Committees and Bodies

The following committees and bodies are established within the faculty for the purpose of academic self-administration

Faculty Council (Fakultätsrat)

The Faculty Council is the central committee and highest-level decision-maker for the faculty. It tackles matters ranging from the use of financial resources, appointment and Habilitation procedures and examination regulations through to changes in personnel on the various boards and much more besides.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee advises the Dean on the structural financial issues affecting the faculty.

Structure Committee

The Structure Committee convenes to prepare for Faculty Council meetings and handles matters such as the faculty’s strategies and planning.

Study Advisory Board

The Study Advisory Board lends it expertise to the Faculty Council on teaching and learning issues and considers new examination regulations and similar matters in the run-up to Faculty Council meetings.

Quality Improvement Committee

The Quality Improvement Committee advises the Dean on the allocation and use of quality improvement funds.

Tenure Track Committee

The faculty’s Tenure Track Committee deals with the structure of and timeline for tenure track procedures and votes on interim and final evaluations associated with these.

Doctoral Board

The Doctoral Board is in charge of the faculty’s doctoral examination procedures. It decides on applications for admission to doctoral studies and doctoral examination procedures, nominates the examination committees and rules on complaints, objections, the revocation of doctoral degrees, etc.

Departmental Committees

A departmental committee discusses matters relating to the relevant specialized department. The faculty’s departmental committees also draft resolutions and draw up statements on academic self-administration issues, among other things

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