Study Advisory Board

The Study Advisory Board lends it expertise to the Faculty Council on teaching and learning issues and considers new examination regulations and similar matters in the run-up to Faculty Council meetings.



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Members of the Study Advisory Board

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Meier (Studiendekan, Vorsitzender)
  • Prof. Dr. Gerd Bendas
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Bredow
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Dörmann
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Hougardy
  • Prof. Dr. Thorsten Lang
  • Prof. Dr. Barbara Reichert
  • Prof. Dr. Harmut Schmieden
  • Dr. Tobias Jungk
  • Teresa Burdich
  • Philip Horvat
  • Justin Konen
  • Emma Maurer
  • Marleen Mehring
  • Ludwig Monnerjahn
  • Felix Pehla
  • Hanna Sieker
  • Lukas Struck
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