Managing your studies and getting advice

Study advice and counseling

The Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service is the first port of call at the University of Bonn for any questions to do with studying or your degree program. Whether you are looking for general guidance, have doubts about your studies or want to find out your career prospects, the team can give you overarching information about choosing a degree program, getting started and succeeding at university.

The subject-specific study advisors for our degree programs can answer your individual questions on matters such as the actual content and objectives of modules, what happens in courses and examinations, scope for specializing in your studies or how to get study achievements in other subjects or from other universities recognized.

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Our examination boards

The examination board controls all aspects of a degree program, such as how exams are organized. It may also handle other tasks delegated to it under the examination regulations for the relevant degree program and generally ensures compliance with the provisions of these regulations.

If you have any queries or requests in this regard, you can find contact details for your specific examination board on the web page for your degree program.

Our degree program management team

The degree program managers in the faculty are responsible for organizational matters relating to studying and degree programs, such as quality management, course evaluations, planning written examinations, organizing the orientation week and much more.

However, they are also the first people that students can come to if they need advice with study-related problems or personal challenges. Amongst many other things, they can also provide suitable support services for students at various stages of their study journey.

The contact details of our degree program managers can likewise be found on the web pages for your chosen degree programs.

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